CCTV For Industry

CCTV in the work place is not just a useful tool for security but can also be a vital part of the work place safety systems.

By monitoring the work place in Real time it can help you determine if employee’s are complying with Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and also monitor Behaviours and competencies. Any Failure in compliance would enable you to react and enforce almost immediately preventing potentially serious incidents.

In the unfortunate circumstances that an incident did occur the recorded footage can then help provide evidence in accident investigations enabling you to analyse the incident and find the root cause. Once established you can then take reasonable actions to help prevent reoccurrences.

Footage recorded may also help mitigate expensive claims and prosecutions resulting in such incidents.

CCTV in Process Control & Monitoring

Process control and process monitoring enables you to monitor Industrial and manufacturing processes remotely and safely from such places as the control room or operators desks. Cameras can be set up to take on the role of multiple operators allowing for a more stream line, cost effective process.

SMR can design and install systems to work in a variety of environments which would otherwise  be unsafe or dangerous to send workers, or areas which are impractical due to restrictions such as environmental conditions like confined spaces, process areas such as Conveyor systems, rotating machinery or places with excessive heat.

SMR are also leading installers of Hazardous area (ATEX) Cameras and Housing for both Gas and Dust applications.

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