Intruder Alarm Systems

SMR Fire & Security offer intruder & burglar alarm system supply, installation & maintenance services for homes and businesses in Hull & East Yorkshire.

Here at SMR we know how important it is keeping your home or business secure from intruders and theft so we aim to make choosing the right security products as simple and as hassle free as possible.​

What System Do I Need?

By engaging with SMR Security we can guide you through process to make your life easier and try and make process informative without overloading you with the technical jargon (unless you want us too).

We would start by offering a free site survey and risk assessment which will then determine which grade of system you will need and from there we would be able specify suitable equipment and then provide you with a competitive quote

Grading of Intruder Alarm Systems

The grade of intruder alarm system may be particularly important if you are depending on the alarm system for insurance cover. Insurers may specify a particular grade of system or aspect of design depending on the nature of the risk you are aiming to protect.​

An overview of the grading system levels detailed in BS EN 50131- 1 is given below:​

Intruders are expected to have little knowledge of the alarm system and may be restricted to a limited range of easily available tools.
Intruders are expected to have a little more knowledge of the alarm system and use a general range of tools and some specialist equipment.

Intruders are expected to be conversant with the alarm system and have a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment.

To be used when security takes precedence over all other factors. Intruders are expected to have the resources to plan an intrusion in detail and have a full range of equipment, including the means to substitute vial components in the alarm system.

Most domestic installations will require a Grade 1 or 2 with larger homes falling into Grade 3. Most commercial premises will require a Grade 2 or 3 system.

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